Combatendo a desinformação ambiental
We’ve checked
Bolsonaro lies, exaggerates and distorts facts in letter to Biden
Brazilian president spoke for seven minutes during the Climate Summit
Bolsonaro lies, exaggerates and distorts facts in letter to Biden
Checamos ponto a ponto a missiva ao presidente americano e encontramos um caso de "Bolsonaro-as-usual"
All the lies Bolsonaro told about the environment at the UN reviewed the president’s address to the General Assembly and found the usual mix of disinformation and denial
Are cattle “firefighters” in the Pantanal? Head of Embrapa distorts facts by associating burning with cattle removal
There has been no correlation between herd size and fires in the biome over the last two decades
Brazilian ambassador in Italy distorts information on agribusiness and deforestation in letter to newspaper
Helio Ramos, picked by Bolsonaro, has disputed a report published in Italy's biggest financial newspaper
There is no truth to Salles’ allegation that burning practices are falling
The Minister of the Environment gave wrong and distorted statements when defending the government's environmental policy in an interview; in a new live stream, Bolsonaro repeated the misinformation
In a press conference, government misinforms on the Amazon
Press conference took place after meeting with investors who expressed concern about environmental policy
Brazilian government letter to European Union contains fallacies and errors
False data and exaggerations range from the paternity of the Council of the Amazon to the pasture area, passing through climate goals